Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally Revealed!!! 

 "How Any Nigerian Can Start 
Making Extra Cash With Import Business
 Starting With As Little As N50k And Without Traveling Out Of The Country"

From: Peter Essien

Dear Friend,
I'll get right to it. I'm an ImportBiz expert, and I'll show you how you can be one too.
It doesn't matter what your experience is, where you're starting from, how much money you have or don't have, who you know...really, NONE of that matters, because...

This Is The Most Powerful ImportBiz Wealth-Building Secret Yet Unknown To So Many Nigerians.

Now I'm going to show you how to do it much FASTER than I did. Introducing...

"The Insider Secret To Starting A PROFITABLE Import Business As A Nigerian With Little Cash!"

NOTE: This is the same method that I use in importing laptops, ipods, mobile phones, e.t.c from abroad to sell for BIG PROFIT here in Nigeria.


Do you know you can start your own import business here in Nigeria without the need to secure a traveling visa not to talk about traveling out of the country!

If you care to learn from me what it takes to start your own import business, selling quality imported products from abroad with little start up capital of less than One Hundred Thousand Naira, then be my guest here as I take you by the hand to teach you what I do practically!

 My name is Peter Essien and I sell information for a living. As we all know, working for government may not be able to make you rich in this present day Nigeria and hence I decided to try out what I am about to share with you.
My breakthrough came when I stumbled on an information on how to start an import business here in Nigeria selling quality imported materials and without the need to travel ANYWHERE!

This might sound strange but it is the truth.

Here are the things you DO NOT need to start making money from this importing business:

·         You do not need a traveling Visa (I will show you how I started without leaving the shores of Nigeria)
·         You do not need huge capital (I will show you how I started with just around N50k)
·         You do not need a BIG shopping outlet to start (I will show you how I market my imported goods without renting any apartment/outlet)
·         You do not need to burden yourself with custom and clearing issues (I will show you where and how to get reliable agents to do that for you)
·         You do not need to have a domiciliary account for your fund transfer (I will show you how I get my fund transfer within 24 hours abroad)

 Why am I telling you all these stories?
The answer is just simple: To help position you in the direction of success that I have experienced personally.

A manual containing all the detailed information you need to start your import business immediately have been packaged for your convenience. This manual is a compilation of my experiences and ways to avoid some of the initial mistakes I made while starting out my import business.

What will this manual teach you?
o        How you can raise the needed cash to start the business (practical approach)
o    List of products/items that usually sell fast irrespective of where you live

o        Contact details of reliable clearing and shipping agents that will not dupe or overcharge you
o        Tested and proved methods to selling your products even without renting a shop

o        Reliable fund transfer system that will get your cash across to you contact in the country of source within 24 hours
o        How to sell your goods fast without even leaving your house (this is powerful!)
o        Contact details of reliable contacts in the country where your products will be purchased - email address & phone number

Also as a buyer of this manual, I will be given you some other manuals that are worth about $150 for FREE!

They are:

·         Killer mini website tutorial manual (this is the same manual that guided me to build this site that you're reading)-worth $47
·         G.S.M short code manual (this manual will teach you how you can leverage on the influence of MTN,GLO,ZAIN e.t.c for profit)-worth $56
·         Travel Without Going To The Embassy (you might be wondering, how)-worth $47
And check the biggest bonus ever ZAIN 6MONTH FREE BROWSING-just for you free

These are all to ensure that you succeed  in life irrespective of the economic situation around.

With this manual in your hand, it is like taking you by the hand and teaching you in simple language how to turn that little money in your hand into a great wealth creating factory!

So what are you waiting for?
Place your order for the manual today and get all the bonuses mentioned above for FREE!

To Order:

Pay the sum of N2,000 into the account stated below:
Bank: UBA
Account Name: Peter essien
Account Number: 002-1052010-2683

After making the payment, please text your payment details including:

·         Name of depositor
·         Teller number
·         phone number
·         email address

to this number: 08025363194

Your manual will be sent to you in a downloadable format via your e-mail within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

NB: Limited copies of this manual will be sold for now, and hence the need for you to grab your copy fast.

To Your Success,

Peter Essien